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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  June 16, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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recklessness and said today he would inform bp they will be paying into an escrow account. will that really happen? is it police brutality. a seattle police officer punches a young woman in the face after she was allegedly jaywalking. what both sides are saying this morning as this is under investigation. authorities are coordinating their investigation now that joran van der sloot is behind bars. meanwhile, there is a report that van der sloot was playing poker with fellow inmates, including a notorious hitman. and are diet food labels really giving you the skinny? what an nbc investigation found when it looked at the calorie count on those boxes. it will surprise you what some popular frozen foods say. right now top bp executives are at the white house to meet with president obama. that meeting started 45 minutes ago and let's go right to mike
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viqueira at the white house. what the president will say after this meeting might be equal to that. >> that's right. just across the hall from the oval office now, tamarin. we saw a very extraordinary scene. walking up west executive drive up to the white house and then up into the west wing. several bp officials. they had lawyers with them. the president mentioned it specifically last night he is going to inform them, says the president, that they need to create an escrow account with claims down in the gulf whether it be small businessmen and women whoever the case may be can go and get an easy access to get retribution or get compensation from these claims. david axelrod a top adviser to the president was on "today" show today talking about bp's
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obligations in this regard. >> we believe we have the authority to compel that, but that we also believe discussions with bp. they understand where the pressures they are under and we expect them to make good on their obligations. >> so, in short, the power of the white house compels bp to set up this account and that's presumably what they're talking about right now. we expect the president will drop into that meeting for 20 minutes and speak with these chairmen and executives including tony hayward, an individual the president has not spoken to since this crisis began on april 20th and afterwards, we expect to see the president, it appears he will be in the rose garden to tell us the outcome of that meeting. tamron? >> mike viqueira, thank you very much. now to how the president's speech is being received from people in the gulf coast to what people are saying in washington.
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michelle franzen joins us now from pens cola, florida, and it is interesting i believe what we heard last night from the president may play a different way to people who are affected directly and what we hear from the insiders in washington, d.c., and new york. what is your observation? >> well, that's exactly right. here in pensacola beach and up and down the gulf coast residents here have been wanting the president as well as the federal government to do more. they say it has been too little too late over this nearly two-month long ordeal for them that oil spill in the gulf that continues. here in pensacola beach, the water is still open and the sand, despite a few tar balls is still open, as well. the beaches, but but now they're fairing some storm clouds here and that could bring the oil closer. last night's speech, though, faired well with many residents here who were glad to see the president make a stop here in pensacola and in florida. others say they are still skeptical. >> what he said sounds great.
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now, in two to three months if that is what happens, we're all kind of o, we're scared a little bit and we're all just sitting back and waiting to see if what a person says is what ends up happening. >> i really wanted to believe everything he said and i think he's sincere about wanting to do something, but i don't think he knows how and there is noncommunication, again, i mean, among the government and bp and the environmental people and them working together and nobody knows what the other hand is doing. that's how i feel. >> they want more communication, tamron, and more leeway for the local and state governments to do what they need to do in their communities. >> michelle franzen live for us in pensacola, florida, and reaction and now how the president's speech is being received today by republican lawmakers. a republican of mississippi in mississippi, thank you so much, senator, for joining me. greatly appreciate it.
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what is your reaction to what the president said last night? >> well, my reaction is, first of all, it's what a disappointment. you showed that beautiful beach. we thought the president was going to mention that our beaches are open for business and our water is completely untainted in mississippi and we thought he might make a pitch for helping us and our economy to recover from the misperception. there's no reason for anyone to cancel a vacation in mississippi or to new orleans to florida for that matter. so, i was disappointed the president didn't say that. another thing, we're going to find out whether the federal government can do a better job than bp in claims management. we know that the big bureaucracy of bp didn't do a good job and i'm doubtful that the federal government can do much better. >> you were disappointed and he has been in the gulf coast now for the fourth visit and he's
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walked along the beach and we did hear the president tout the fact that mississippi and the beaches and was the oval office the appropriate place and people around the country and around the world watching to tout tourism. we want to know, "a," if bp will pay for all of this and how this cleanup is going. isn't that far more important and you want to hear that from the president? >> good point and fair enough, except the thing that is hurting mississippi more than anything right now is the lack of tourism. it's not the oil that's hurting us. we just need people to resume their plans and come back down. clearly, the cleanup is important. clearly the claims matter is important and there's a lot to be done. no question about it. >> let me play what the president had to say trying to reassure americans that he will hold americans responsible. >> already this oil spill is the
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worst disaster americans have ever faced. make mno mistake, we will fight this spill for whatever it takes. we will make bp pay for the damage their company has caused. >> some are criticizing the president because he didn't talk more about energy policies and new head of mms basically we need somebody who is going to hold these big oil companies accountable. do you think we need to explore tougher regulations on big oil and also your take on energy policy moving ahead? >> i really didn't think this was a time for the president to be talking about a policy that very unpopular in the house and in the senate and this cap and trade scheme and i don't think he helped in his program very much last night by urging us to move forward on that. the thing we need is for the
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spill to be stopped for the flow to be staunched and the claims to be paid. we already have a statute that says bp is responsible for this. it's a question of which huge bureaucracy can get the claims paid and, also, who is going to determine in this new independent adjuster which claims are legitimate and which aren't. if the president expects bp to pay for laid off oil workers because of the president's moratorium, i think he's on shaky ground there. legitimate claims need to be paid and they need to be paid quickly and maybe the federal government can do a better job than bp, because that has been handled very poorly. >> senator wicker, we greatly appreciate you coming on with us. joining me now, former communication director with the democratic national committee and msnbc contributor. interesting comments, karen, from senator wicker. he would have preferred the president tout tourism for
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mississippi during his oval office address. it seems that everybody wanted something and if you hear the reviews, just about every side not happy with this and what's your take on what we heard from the president? >> look, so much build up and there was almost no way, in fact, there was no way that the president was going to make everybody happy. i think it was a good speech and i think for probably most people outside the beltway, as we've seen from those who are some of the polling we've seen and some of the interviews being done on the ground there, people don't like what he has to say. i don't think americans are looking for this big, dramatic, emotional moment. we had plenty of those over the last few months, but, again, i think he laid out some clear ideas. that's what people wanted. i think he broached the subject and he tried to broach it in terms of what we need to do on renewable energy and green jobs in a respectful way that is not
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politicizing. >> i want to read what keithoberman said last night. it was a great speech if you had been on the plant for the la57 days. keith is not the only person saying that the president was low on specifics. >> i don't know if this speech should have been on specifics. this speech is more on making it clear that he is taking charge and his administration is in charge of the situation going forward. let's not forget, though, that this is a situation that is, pardon the pun, very fluid, in that from everything we heard over the last 50 some days, things are changing by the hour, by the day and i think we had to adopt our strategies. sure, we would have liked to have heard more? absolutely. i think maybe part of that is that we are having to adapt to some of those changes. tamron, the bigger mistake is that we got to this moment in the first place. more the administration could have done and should have done earlier on in the process, not just to tell people what was going on, but to show people what was going on because at a
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time when people have so low confidence in government, you have to show them you can't just tell them and that has to be the thing going forward. will these changes actually make a difference for people? >> karen, great pleasure having you on. thank you. some other developments in the gulf oil disaster. bp announced just this morning that oil and gas from the gushing well are being captured or is now being captured through a second containment system. the system is bringing the oil to a rig on the surface and then being burned. government scientists have dramatically increased their estimate of the amount of oil still gushing from the well. they now put the flow rate at 35,000 to 65,000 barrels a day. that's almost double the amount given last week. and bp has said it hopes to be able to capture more than 50,000 barrels a day by the end of this month and up to 80,000 barrels a day by mid-july. we got much more on the gulf oil disaster ahead, including a new effort to protect the fragile
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wetlands in louisiana by using hundreds of barges literally blocking the oil. a live report. very interesting on what they're doing there. and in seattle, police are investigating whether an officer used excessive force in an incident that was caught on tape. the video shows the officer punching a 17-year-old in her face. the girl reportedly was trying to intervene when an officer ian walsh was arresting her and her 19-year-old friend for jaywalker. reporter from seattle joins us by phone. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> this is under investigation right now. we at least know both sides are talking. in defense of the police officer, i understand at least some within the department say he did not use excessive force. heather, what can you tell us about what the police are saying right now? >> originally, a spokesman for the police department said, look, officers are taught to use punching as a way to defuse a potentially dangerous situation.
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that this is one of the techniques nat th s that they to do. the crowd starts to get rockts and you can hear a lot of swearing going on and then he throws the punch. the police union is also saying that, hey, this officer was well in his rights to defend himself. but now officially the department is backing off that and they say they're going to withhold judgment and do a full investigation with our version of internal affairs here in the city of seattle. the office of accountability and a police unit that investigates the actions of police officers, but it is headed by a civilian. >> now, heather, this comes on the heels of an event that happened april 17th, an incident where two officers were kicking a man on the ground and one used ethnic slurs towards this individual. this is a one two and no pun here intended punch for this police department under scrutiny.
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>> boy, it sure is. in april, there is a criminal investigation going on, i should say. that's the one where two officer os are seen stomping and put their feet on a latino suspect and one used a deflammatory statement. the two of these incidents sort of back-to-back have really forced the seattle police department to take a close look at what they're doing about their training and about their proern procedures and assuring us they are doing this. seattle is trying to hire a new police chief. so, there's a lot for the new chief, whoever he ends up being to deal with, a lot for the department as a whole to deal with. >> all right, heather, thank you very much. we'll continue to follow this one. greatly appreciate it. a 72-year-old grandmother behind bars accused of trying to hire a hitman to take out her own family. details on this one.
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plus, new tape recordings of conversations between rod blagojevich and his inner circle are released at his trial. >> blair hull, i don't know what he does. but someone should ask for $100,000. >> more on the secretly taped conversations, coming up. and i'm michelle kaczynski live in lima, peru. the latest on what joran van der sloot really said in his confessions. it's new beneful incredibites. uh-huh! it's just the way you like it-- made with wholesome grains, real beef, even carrots and peas. you love the smaller-size, easy-to-chew kibbles, and i love the carbohydrates for energy and protein for muscles. whoa! wait for me! ha-ha. you only think you're getting spoiled. [ woman announcing ] new beneful incredibites. another healthful, flavorful beneful.
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welcome back. in the south of france, powerful storms turned into deadly flash floods. look at this amateur video caught turrant of water rushing through. the sudden downpour hit the
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region with little warning and at least 11 people are dead from the flooding in southeast france and nearly 200,000 homes are without power. unbelievable video. more glimpses today into what prison life is like for murder suspect joran van der sloot. a dutch paper is reporting that van der sloot, who is accused of murdering a young woman in peru, according to this report, he was playing poker behind bars with a columbian hitman. officials are denying the report and the only images we have seen of van der sloot in prison have come from edited video. michelle kosinski has an update from lima, peru. this was a dutch paper reporting this that joran van der sloot was playing poker and what did they say was going on, really? >> i love this story. poker on the inside of a columbian hitman and just to see the way these stories spread. the original source of this was a local paper and we saw this
11:20 am
yesterday pop up last night and their source of the information last night was a jailhouse informant. so, i mean, for what it's worth, that's what the reliability. you can take what it will from that. that's where the information was coming from, we talked to the director of prisons here in peru, but he said absolutely not. joran van der sloot has no contact with anyone. he is in a cell by himself. he does have as a next cell neighbor this columbian hitman and they have chatted, but by no means have they even had a chance to have the access that would be required for a game of poker. but, hey -- >> it adds, unfortunately, to the craziness of this story and the circus it has become. one girl missing and another dead and what are we learning more about this confession from joran van der sloot? >> yeah, you're right. that's exactly what is important and so serious about this.
11:21 am
in the middle of this terrible, brutal crime here in lima, you have joran van der sloot and his confession and they ask if he has anything to add and he says i would like to talk about the case of nattialee holloway from five years ago. that's what aruba has been waiting to hear and natalee's family has been waiting to hear. if this case goes smoothly and quickly that he's interested in the possibility of maybe being extradited then to aruba and that he might be able to help solve that case. so, from that portion, that's really all we've been able to see as, you know, a hard copy. something that we know is real. it doesn't seem like he's really asking for special treatment or to be moved immediately as has been reported but police won't give more detail on whether he's offering information in return for something. right now they're just trying to get that information. >> all right, michelle kosinski live for us in lima, peru, thank
11:22 am
you. closing arguments in today's prop 8 trial which will decide the fate of the state's ban on same-sex marriage. we'll get the latest on this groundbreaking federal trial and a live report. we'd like to know what you think about any of the stories we're covering today. let me know. built with quality and backed with the best coverage in america including a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. that's 40,000 more miles than ford. chevy silverado half-ton. a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable,
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justice correspondent pete williams joins us live from washington and, pete, this has a lot to do with how people read into the constitution and what they say is part of their constitutional right and set the stage for what we can expect to and see? >> this is constitutional case at its core and what the opponents of prop 8 say the lawyers for the two gay couples that are suing no legal justification for suing. based on discrimination and
11:26 am
prejudice and they say moral disapproval of gay marriage cannot overcome equal protection and they also say what is the harm to traditional marriage if gay marriages are allowed. the defenders of proposition 8 say that the state has a legitimate interest in trying to preserve the idea that children would be raised in a home with one mother and one father. that california voters say they have the right to believe there are benefits to traditional marriage and they also claim that the state should move extra cautiously when you tinker with a tradition as important to society as marriage. so, these arguments today follow the trial in january and then the judge will decide how he wants to rule in this case. undoubtedly, it will be appealed to the ninth circuit court of appeals in california and then very possibly to the u.s. supreme court, which could be in another couple of years by the time the appeals are done, tamron, if, indeed, it is brought all the way to the supreme court.
11:27 am
>> pete williams, thanks, pete. >> you bet. family members of an american man arrested in pakistan claiming to be hunting down osama bin laden his brother is speaking out. pakistani police say gary brooks faulkner, a colorado construction worker was found carrying a sword, dagger and night vision equipment when he was arrested. he claimed he was on a mission from god to avenge the september 11th attacks. this morning on "today" show his brother, scott, tried to explain what happened. >> he was not crazy. he had a plan. it was a logical plan and on several of his other trips he had been in dangerous situations and had the where withal to back out. >> he also said that capturing bin laden has been a single-minded passion for his brother. up next, the latest on bp's efforts to contain more of that gushing oil and we'll take you to grand isle, louisiana, where
11:28 am
they're trying an innovative new way to stop the oil by using barges. we'll tell you why a controversial photo could mean a lot of trouble for celebrity blogger perez hilton. a picture of miley cyrus and it's gotten him in a lot of trouble. [ birds chirping, animals calling ] ♪ [ pop ]
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[ announcer ] when you're not worried about potential dangers, the world can be a far less threatening place. take the scary out of life with travelers insurance... and see the world in a different light. welcome back. right now top bp executives are at the white house meeting with president obama. that meeting has been going on for about an 1:15 and scheduled to last another 45 minutes and we're expected to hear from president obama right after the meeting. we'll bring you the president's remarks live from the rose garden as soon as it happens and one of the places hit hard by the oil disaster is trying something new to keep the oil from contaminating more precious marshland. joining us live from grand isle, louisiana, john, this is scheduled after they had a face-to-face meeting on this
11:32 am
idea. >> yeah, they had several me meetings and the idea of using the barges to block the oil's path didn't get some traction and it wasn't until the meeting that you talked about that this was approved. really, right now the oil is moving farther into the marshes and right now they'll block the path. here in grand isle, louisiana, desperate times are causing for desperate measures. 116 barges will be lined up, filled with water and partially submerged to hopefully narrow the openings by 70% to 80%. >> we have to win this war and we cannot afford to have the weapons and what concerns us is that we are losing this war at this time. >> the barges would be sputtered down, basically and form a wall to direct the oil into our skimming efforts where we can pick it up off the water. >> governor bobby jindal said it took much too long for the
11:33 am
federal government to approve the barge plan. it took several meetings with federal officials to get some traction and it wasn't until a face-to-face meeting between president obama and governor jindal last week to get the green light. >> we have got to be creative in narrowing those passes so we can concentrate the limited resources we do have. >> oil can be spotted 12 miles north of the marshes here. >> we have 70 barges and we are going to be lit up like a christmas tree and working around the clock to fight it all. >> and the first step in all of this is going to be driving the pilings to where these barges will be mored and eventually on thursday they hope to take some of these barges out to those passes and move ahead with this plan. tamron? >> thank you. for the latest on the gulf oil disaster, logon to our website,
11:34 am
including a special report on the backlash bp could be facing from its big oil rivals. now, to the secret recordings released by a judge in the corruption trial of rod blagojevich. the recordings capture conversations between blagojevich and members of his inner circle. the recordings prove the former governor was involved in a pay to play scheme trying to sell president obama's old senate seat. take a listen to this conversation between blagojevich and his brother. >> somebody should call him, lonz just keeps procrastinating. i don't know . he's got people calling my house now, jesse junior. >> he is going to raise you money, pal. >> mary is columnist with
11:35 am
"chicago sun-times" the prosecutors alluded to the fact that these tapes would be explosive and they would prove their case and what has been the reaction there even with the tone with the governor and his brother? >> well, explosive, i don't think so. i think what we've seen so far or heard so far is behind the scenes and given a behind the scenes look at how politicians raise money. it's ugly, it's, you know, its it probably will be surprising to some people but certainly not a smoking gun. >> is that how it's perceived? a lot of politicians say that's how they raise money especially when it sounds like on the tape which could be implied that there are -- >> tamron, to put it in perspective the last time someone was convicted of this the city treasurer and what the feds caught on tape was a public official basically telling the representative of a bank that they had to pony up.
11:36 am
i mean, she actually came out and said that. now, that's strong stuff. that's a smoking gun. but so far what we hear is a conversation between two brothers, one who works for the other talking about and ridiculing, basically, people who want to be a senator and, and alluding to the fact that theyt( have money, but not sayi directly that i will support this person if they give me $100,000. >> now, we understand that there are more tapes to come, but legal analysts, what are they saying? those that are following this court case. does it look good for blagojevich so far especially with the perspective that this is not the tape we've heard seeing it explosive. >> well, it's too early for any analyst to come out and say how this is going to go because you never know what a jury is going to do, but for certain the prosecutors just bringing out, for instance, a friend, a close running buddy of the former governor to testify at all is strong stuff. >> all right, well, mary
11:37 am
mitchell, greatly appreciate you coming on o. great to see you, mary, thanks for joining me. >> thank you. celebrity gossip blogger perez hilton could get in a lot of trouble for posting a pretty risque paparazzi picture of young miley cyrus. let's get our scoop from editor goes the and i say young miley cyrus because her age comes into play when you think about these pictures. >> that is right. >> by her music you know that miley cyrus cannot be blamed or tamed but perhaps perez hilton could be -- it looks like she's not wearing underwear and you can see her lady stuff down there. basically some are saying his opponents and he has many opponents and some say this amounts to child pornography. he should be convicted. >> did he pose the uncensored picture of this girl. >> but he has since posted a
11:38 am
fake picture of him wearing a fake fur and she said she was, in fact, she was wearing underwear. she is not a moron and, also, do you think i'm stupid to post a photo of miley if she's not wearing underwear down there. >> what does miley and her people and parents saying? >> i don't have a statement from them but, basically, he has a lot of opponents and they're all saying he should be put into jail for this. he has gotten into trouble before of posting a picture of demi moore's daughter that was inappropriate. >> big report from "us weekly" saying that bristol palin and levi johnston are hooking back up. that's according to "us weekly." >> they're getting back together for only a cordial way for the sake of their child. they had a kid together. >> didn't the report say he was
11:39 am
sleeping over. >> johnston's manager says the two are spending more time together but they're not getting back together as a couple and they think it's for the best of their son, tripp. it will be a cold day before you see that happen . >> tiger woods -- >> he has something to say about the status of his relationship and it's none of your business. tiger woods spoke to reporters and during the 30 minutes of questioning one reporter asked him about his marriage to elin and he responded none of your business. he is practicing for the u.s. open in pebble beach and practice continues today and competition starts tomorrow. >> all of his business is out there, i don't know how he can say it's none -- i mean, everything about this is out there. >> i don't think it will stop any time soon. >> running down the list for the latest entertainment news logon to there are some other things
11:40 am
considered news in this world and a few things that make ussy say -- no way! so either you have it or you don't. that's what this want to be matador found out. he got the heck out of dodge. look at him jump. afterwards, hernandez was apparently arrested for breach of contract. see, you can't go running from the bull if they book you to be the matador. upon the release, the bull fight failure said i don't have the -- i'm not going to even say it. he couldn't do the job and i'm not going to read what that script had. here's a story from north carolina, the one that did not get away. take a look at this marlin. talk about a fish story. 883 pounds of fish. this record-breaking hull was released in just a day on one of the blue marlin tournaments that
11:41 am
they have in north carolina. it could net the lucky fisherman $900,000 in prize money. that is a big fish. awesome. still ahead, many dieters turn to microwavable frozen meals to drop the unwanted pounds, but how accurate are the calorie counts that we look at on the back of the box? surprising results. jeff rosen joins us with the investigation. it is a family feud gone too far. 72-year-old granny caught trying to hire a hitman to cause physical harm to her family.
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or conditions that cause bleeding should not use plavix. taking plavix alone or with some other medicines, including aspirin, may increase bleeding risk, so tell your doctor when planning surgery. tell your doctor all medicines you take, including aspirin, especially if you've had a stroke. if fever, unexplained weakness or confusion develops, tell your doctor promptly. these may be signs of ttp, a rare but potentially life-threatening condition, reported sometimes less than 2 weeks after starting plavix. other rare but serious side effects may occur. a 72-year-old new jersey grandmom is accused of trying to hire a hitman to hurt members of her own family but the man she allegedly hired turned out to be an undercover policeman. >> i know there was animosity there within the whole family and it was very dysfunctional,
11:45 am
but i wouldn't have guessed that it would have gone to this extent. >> in an exclusive interview a friend of suzanne cohen says she's amazed that the 72-year-old allegedly wanted her family harmed. but cherry hill police said -- >> i don't know if was the exhusband but the tires were slashed and harassing communications and notes stating harm and this is going to happen to you. >> reporter: this isn't the first time cohen has solicited someone to hurt her people. >> one time she said, i don't know if this was from a family member or to the undercover that she would offer $3,000 to sipg the family boat. >> reporter: she has known the cohens for four decades said she was a volunteer at the local animal shelter. despite these endearing yard signs, she was disturbed because she wasn't allowed to see her
11:46 am
grandchildren. she often shared kind words or kept cohen's newspapers when she traveled. >> people are trying to be friendly and keep their distance at the same time. >> reporter: other long-time neighbors say the well-known family friction appears to have reached its boiling point. >> the husband had left and i knew she was alone there and i knew she didn't have great ties with her family, so, that's not shocking. what i'm hearing the next level was shocking. suzanne cohen is being held in the camden county correctional facility. her bond is set at $300,000. i'm nbc 10 monique braxton. >> cohen's attorney said i have represented suzanne cohen for four year in what has been a very contentious and mean-spirited divorce action without comment about the current pending charges i can say enequivocally she has gone
11:47 am
under emotional distress as a direct result of the actions of family members. there is a substantial history in this matter that transcends in the facts. president obama expected to make remarks 20 minutes from now about the meeting he had with bp executives. up next, dieters, well, you might want to be aware. how accurate are those low-fat claims that are on the boxes of some frozen meals. ♪ (laughing through computer) good night, buddy. good morning, dad.
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exposing the truth behind diet food labels. the boxes of frozen meals claim that they're low-calorie, low-fat. jeff ross be took the foods to the lab and did a great investigation. >> reporter: in the battle of
11:51 am
the bulge, these companies say they have the secret weapon. >> you can enjoy dishes that are nutritious, delicious, too. >> reporter: they brag about low-fat and calories. knowing consumers eat this stuff up. >> that's what i look at, first thing, before price. >> people don't buy it because it tasted good. they buy it because the calories are there. >> reporter: so if the calories and fat are off -- >> yeah. then what's the point? >> reporter: exactly. so we bought meals from the top diet brands -- lean cuisine, weight watchers smart ones and healthy choice. we took the meals out of the packaging and put them into specially marked baggies. then sent them here to emsl, a top food laboratory. scientists tested each sample for fat and calories. would the numbers really match the labels? we found it was all over the map. some were actually lower.
11:52 am
healthy choice roasted beef merlot, 17% less fat compared to the label. lean cuisine's grilled chicken primavera, 19% fewer calories than the label. and the rosemary chicken, 60% less fat. but don't start bingeing yet. our tests showed many meals were packed with higher numbers. smart ones shrimp marinara had 10% mortal riz ae calories than label. that lean cuisine chicken pre e var ra. but we found this really had 11% more calories and the whopping 350% more fat. while the company was skeptical of our results, they've now launched an internal audit. >> it's enough to make you cry. this is disgraceful! >> reporter: susan roberts should know as a leading food scientist. she did similar testing in her
11:53 am
lab and, like us, found lying labels. >> we hear all the time that people are not losing weight, they're plateauing, they can't understand why they're eating almost nothing or not losing weight. here's one explanation. >> reporter: you may be outraged by this. but the government isn't. in many cases under the law, it's perfectly okay. believe it or not, fda regulations allow food companies to be as much as 20% off on their labels. >> that's unfortunate. especially at the same time they're preaching to us about obesity. >> the government allows these companies to be 20% off on their label. >> why? >> reporter: good question. the fda declined our request for an interview. so we went to the group representing the food companies. isn't this deceptive? >> no, it's not at all deceptive. it may be something that consumers don't necessarily understand and it is a great opportunity to explain them. >> reporter: he says these labels are merely an average. companies come up with the numbers by testing a dozen or so
11:54 am
meals, then taking the average. portions vary so they say no one meal can be exact. why not be more transparent on the label and say, this isn't necessarily 230 calories. it's an average. it's 230-ish calories. >> you could but it really wouldn't help consumers. the idea is that if you see 230 calories, that's a food that you normally eat. some are going to be more, some are going to be less. >> you're saying it's okay for one particular sample to be three times higher than it says, another sample to be three times lower as long as it averages out? >> well, a better way to say this is not it's okay. it is that is a fact of nature. it is a matter of being prakt c practical. >> tell that to the poor customer that ends up with our sweet and sour chicken packed with 3 1/2 times more fat than the label claims. >> that's scary actually because i eat those a lot. like very often. now i wonder if why that's why my weight hasn't budge nled.
11:55 am
>> food companies say their labels and testing follow all fda guidelines. that is a crazy story! that does it for me in this hour. i'm tamron hall. see you back here 2:00 p.m. eastern time where we'll have the unbelievable story of a fugitive missing for nearly 40 years. now found living in plain sight in arizona running a wedding chapel. that's what the fugitive was up to. contessa brewer picks up the story at the top of the hour. that investigation and the food thing is -- if you're trying to lose weight and you think you're following these points plans and all of that? >> and this it's in the fda guidelines. that's what's even more -- >> oh, no way! >> way. >> president obama turning the heat up on bp executives getting ready to talk in the rose garden minutes from now after meeting about the pb ceo and others in the gulf. live coming up. there you see the shot of those executives going into the white house. ♪ could open a world of wonder ? ♪ ♪ so sensory
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good wednesday, everyone. from coast to coast, americans are focused on the disaster in the gulf. day 58 here. finally the president is meeting today face to face with bp's head honchos about the damage they've caused. this picture just coming in to us. live, we're waiting to hear from president obama. we want to hear what happened in that meeting. his statement on the high-level, high-stakes face to face with those bp executives. last night in his first oval office address, the president took aim at bp accusing the oil giant of recklessness while assuring gulf coast residents the government is in for the long haul. >> make no mistake, we will fight this spill with everything we've got, for as long as it takes. we will make bp pay for the damage their company has caused. >> bp says we share the president's goal of shutting offer the well as quickly as possible. cleaning up the oil and mitigating the impact on the


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